March 2009

Contract summary:   Today is the last day of my current contract. I've had quite a bit of fun, learning and teaching opportunities, frustration and accomplishment, in the nearly nine months I've spent working for this company. For a description of the high and low points, read on. (1533 words, 2 comments, 0 pings)

Test cases for examples:   I've been using DTM for quite some time to store test cases for the code examples available on this site. Lately, I've made a concerted effort to generate tests for code examples that previously didn't have a test, and I'm happy to report that of the 207 examples, now only 27 lack a test (and I'm working on those). (82 words, 1 comments, 0 pings)

Output redirection:   There are a number of ways to redirect the output from execution of a DCL command procedure to a file, some more obscure that others. (286 words, 3 comments, 0 pings)