Holidays:   Having experienced zero issues due to moving production recently, I'm going on holidays. Expect no updates for at least a month :) (22 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

I need a holiday!:   I'm too busy and need a holiday. Here are some of the things that have happened in the last month. (117 words, 1 comments, 0 pings)

Update:   I've been very quiet on here for the last couple of months. This is due to me attempting to pick up as much information as I possibly can about the new job before the last really dedicated OpenVMS resource retires (which is happening this afternoon). (204 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

Permanent position:   I'm very happy to announce that I've accepted a permanent position at a company that I've done contracting for in the past. There is a lot of work to do here in the development tool space. Additionally, I believe the performance of the application could significantly benefit from an analysis of the underlying RMS files. Now I'll have time to do that (when I not doing other systems admin-y things). (70 words, 1 comments, 0 pings)

Contract summary:   Today is the last day of my current contract. I've had quite a bit of fun, learning and teaching opportunities, frustration and accomplishment, in the nearly nine months I've spent working for this company. For a description of the high and low points, read on. (1533 words, 2 comments, 0 pings)

Crash!:   Fortunately not a system crash, but a crash in the bus on the way to work. I'd congratulated myself on making the early bus leaving Parramatta station, thinking "Great! I'll be 10 minutes early on my second day at work" when suddenly there was a horrendous metallic crunching sound from the side of the bus. (106 words, 1 comments, 0 pings)

Starting a new job today:   I've started a new job today. Unfortunately, the commute is huge, but with the lack of work in the VMS space in Sydney, I can't be choosy. I'll be discussing blogging ettiquite with my manager as soon as I get a chance, and hopefully the frequency of articles will pick up here again. From what I've seen of this operation so far, I'm sure I'll have a lot to write about. (71 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

Machine death:   Significant memory errors on my Linux box indicate it's probably time for a hardware upgrade. (164 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

Quiet:   There is nothing much to report here at the moment. The only additions to the site recently have been a few new code examples. (25 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

Repatriation:   After a lot of soul searching, I'm repatriating myself to Australia. If you'd like to offer me employment in Sydney, I'm officially looking... (258 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

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