May 2012

HP Technology@work 2012:   I've just spent the day at the HP Technology@work event looking at some of the new stuff they have on... (203 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

XQPERR crash on 8.4:   We experienced a crash on one of our production blades yesterday morning. This is on 8.4 with UPDATE V0600 applied. I can't see this footprint documented anywhere... (431 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

SIZE2 X01-03:   SIZE2, my demo program for quickly counting the blocks allocated under a directory, was suffering the same fate as ACLSEARCH due to the relocated home block on IA64. A new version has been released that implements the same fix. (40 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)