November 2010

C++ expert help required:   As you may know, I help port Artistic Style, a code formatter, to OpenVMS. During the last porting effort, I was completely baffled by a change in behaviour that was only apparent on the OpenVMS port. The port was straightforward as it always has been (except when the maintainer decided to allow the software to process multiple files in one command - that was a significant effort) but nearly any input file now results in the truncation of the output file. Complex input produces control characters in the output! While I'm pretty good at C, I'm frustrated when it comes to file iterator classes built on sstream, etc. If anyone can offer me a hand debugging this problem I'd be most grateful. It would certainly be good news to get the latest version of Astyle ported. Access to my development environment can be arranged if necessary. (146 words, 1 comments, 0 pings)