March 2007

More hardware problems:   My OpenVMS box has a reported b-cache error, which brings down the machine. This is the first significant error I've had on this hardware since 2001. (209 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

PHP magic:   It struck me the other day that the method I used to hyperlink errchk.h in my code examples could be used to link names of system services and RTL routines to say, the documentation. So for your browsing enjoyment, I've just implemented that. Hope you like it. (47 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

New linux box:   I took delivery of a new PC to replace my failed linux box today. After a little shifting of configuration files, the machine is finally up and running, and boy, is it fast. At the price I paid for this, I should buy another one to replace my Windows box... (50 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

[08-Mar-2007]   I developed a DCL procedure the other day to stamp build version information in image headers. Perhaps others may find this useful as a starting point in writing their own. (732 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

Installing Kronos:   In what is becoming an increasingly complex setup on my AlphaServer, I was looking for a freeware scheduler that would be better than maintaining a DAILY.COM script to manage my repetitive jobs. Kronos by Art Ragosta to the rescue. (151 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

Machine death:   Significant memory errors on my Linux box indicate it's probably time for a hardware upgrade. (164 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)