June 2006

Python 2.5 for OpenVMS released:   Jean-François Piéronne has just announced the availability of Python 2.5 for OpenVMS. This kit is based on Python 2.5b1. You can download them from Jean-François's Alpha download page or the IA64 download page. The kits are also available from mirrors in Australia and the USA. (46 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

Repatriation:   After a lot of soul searching, I'm repatriating myself to Australia. If you'd like to offer me employment in Sydney, I'm officially looking... (258 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

Artistic Style 1.18:   Artistic Style 1.18 was released last Friday. I have updated the zip files available from this server to contain the newly ported version. You can find the links to the zip files in my original port announcement. (38 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

Looking for info on VT terminals?:   A co-worker returned my original VT330/VT340 Programmer Pocket Guide and asked where he could get his very own copy. I said that the information should be available on the web, and sure enough I googled up vt100.net. What a treasure trove of info for the display programmer. (48 words, 1 comments, 0 pings)