June 2003

OpenVMS on Itanium FAQ:   I have added a link to the OpenVMS on Itanium FAQ to the Links section of the menu. (18 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

OpenVMS 8.0 ships:   Mark Gorham's e-mail announcing the release of OpenVMS 8.0 running on Itanium. This is an evaluation version targetted at ISVs. OpenVMS Engineering exceeded expectations and delivered much more in this first version than had been initially promised. (271 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

Galaxy Pros and Cons:   What are the pros and cons of soft partitioning an OpenVMS system with Galaxy software? (526 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

200 days of uptime:   As of last night, my venerable AlphaServer 800 5/400 has been up for 200 days. (60 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

Feature list for OpenVMS 7.3-2:   HP yesterday published a document that lists the major features upcoming in OpenVMS 7.3-2. (75 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

Naked comments:   Chris Sells proposed per-article RSS feeds, making comments available through individual items in the feed. Sam Ruby jumped in and... (307 words, 3 comments, 1 pings)

ANALYSE/ERROR makes a comeback:   Rumour confirmed: OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-2 will introduce a VMS Engineering-provided mechanism to do bit-to-text translation a la ANALYSE/ERROR. (65 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

Classic HTML rant:   Here is an absolutely classic rant about the evils of not following web authoring standards. Read it. Heed it. And have a great laugh at the same time. (28 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)

Your Privacy:   I spent some of the weekend looking at P3P. (42 words, 0 comments, 0 pings)