SYS$ACM changed behaviour?

Hoff posted on C.O.V concerning an issue with SYS$ACM(W). While I didn't think my example program that demonstrates how to use this system service to change a password would have the issue he was talking about, I thought I better test it anyway.

I didn't experience the issue he raised, but to my utter surprise, the code failed to work at all and returned a CONTACTSYSMGR error message. On looking in the ACME log, I found a message indicating that the item list did not contain the ACME$_LOGON_TYPE item code.

Which is weird because the manual says (and I quote) "If not specified, the value defaults to the logon type of the calling process".

Well yes, it appears to have done so in the past. But not any more. I looked though the release notes and can find no reference to this behaviour change.

I really don't like undocumented changes in behaviour. And to make matters worse, OpenVMS Engineering still haven't fixed the documentation feedback form that produces a page not found error when you hit the submit button.

Posted at October 25, 2013 12:56 PM
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